ETO Automation ! Cloud Computing, Prediction analysis, optimization techniques

We also provide

  • Steel Design Calculations and Drawings
  • Provide complete Calculation Packages for Industrial and Residential steel and RCC structures

Engineers need capabilities involving technological know-how and integration.

Convergence of digital data and real physical model is no more futuristic, but it is right here.

Going all digital allows us to do the job better and quicker.

The disconnect between information in pre-construction and post-construction is closing in and is evaporating.

ASETS-LUX engineers focus on delivering this through their automated products, where high end intelligence and automation precedes the conventional approach of analysis and design, focusing on delivering highly efficient and predictive models along with its intelligent drawings

The concept of digital oilfield and refinery has been in discussion since a long time. Now is the era of high end digital disruption, which will enable more co-creation with clients and there will be a rapid adoption of these digital tools. There will better integration and a thirst to access information, much before the project has started.

We take pride in our unique approach to design and construction that sets us apart from our competitors. In each of our project, we look for below mentioned strategic opportunities.


At ASETS-LUX CONSULTING Engineering Services, we strongly believe that engineering is an effective planning of capital & execution, which should translate not only to optimized capital but also cost efficient construction and start-up with minimum time. Good engineering should leverage the best available technologies and consider the optimum life cycle cost of the project for maximizing true value.


ASETS-LUX vision is to build products that help achieve and accelerate the design cycle by offering and integrated solution with improved options and accuracy. We focus on structural steel design for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and energy sectors.


Our mission is to develop Single point Engineering solution that improves its Efficiency, Accuracy & Effectiveness in Design & Analysis , Minimise the gap between Design & actual order execution.


Reduced Turn-around Time

Parametric Input reduces engineering model creation and load data creation time.

Improved Quality

Cloud based, no installation require

Cost Optimization

Using Machine learning- our products are trained to provide predictive analytics.

Knowledge Retention & Reuse

When you can save projects- past engineering data can be improved and reused to only provide better future engineering.

Reduced Manual Intervention & Related Errors

When “intelligent” data transfer takes over human intervention, reduced errors.

Improved multiple solutions within same file and improved visibility

We can compare a predictive choice of self supported flare over a guy wire flare design. Using Multiple product creation in parallel.

Intelligent drawings

As you parametrically generate models- your drawings are generated simultaneously.

One stop shop

Where Local FEA analysis is integrated within design standards – no need for multiple softwares.