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About the account
How do I get access?
IDS™ requires a subscription license to be purchased and a user ID & password is sent to your subscribed email address , giving you access to IDS™ login.
Lost or forgotten your password?
If you have lost your password, please send an email to info@asetslux.com / support@asetslux.com and a new password will be provided to you.
How can I change my user password?
If you need a new password, please send an email to info@asetslux.com / support@asetslux.com and a new password will be provided to you.
What is your privacy and data protection policy?
IDS™ follows the GDPR data. Until we get a written approval from the company, we do not own any of the project data.
About the company
Who is behind the project?
Our project is managed by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about elaborating tools to facilitate engineering works. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our users and work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Who are the IDS™ products aimed at?
IDS™ is aimed to both “asset owners” and “EPC Contractors”, where a digital twin can be generated for an existing plant and/or a new greenfield project. The various products are aimed towards:

· 3D model

· 3D model viewing

· Clash checks

· Material Take off

· Project / planning scheduling

· Process hydraulics

· Piping 3D modelling

· Piping Stress engineering

· Piping design

· Structural 3D models

· Structural analysis & designs

· Combined 3D models

What are IDS™ products used for?

· Proposal engineering

· Material take off

· Quick early-stage 3D modelling

· 3D modelling

· Stress analysis

· Designs

How does IDS™ product work?
We are glad to schedule a product demo for you . please click here , where IDS™ demo can be scheduled to suit your needs.
What products do you offer?

· IDS™ 3D designer module

· IDS™ 3D model viewer

· IDS™ Piping

· IDS™ Open frame

· IDS™ Pipe racks

· IDS™ LSA (Local stress analysis)

· IDS™ Learning

· IDS™ Instructor

How do IDS™ products differ from conventional products?
We are glad to schedule a product demo for you . please click here , where IDS™ demo can be scheduled to demonstrate the differences with conventional products.
Do you offer any type of free trial for the products?
We are glad to schedule a 1-month product project provide by team ASETS for you. This 1 month will allow you to get an idea on how IDS™ can better serve you.
Do you offer any type of mentoring or personalized tutoring for the courses?
IDS™ has its own custom service team which is on-board ready to serve and provide you the adequate individual customized training to be able to hand-hold your engineering team in the product usage.
How can I contact customer service?
Please contact support@asetslux.com for any of your customer service regarding IDS™.
What are the customer service hours of operation?
We are an online SaaS platform and are available for all our international customers 24/7. Please leave us a text message at support@asetslux.com and we will revert to you at the soonest.
How long do the courses last?
We have customized courses as minimum as 7 Days to a maximum of 3 weeks.
Product general info
How can I access the products offered?
Please subscribe to our products by clicking on here. This page will take you through all our products.
Can I download the products to access them offline?
IDS™ is strictly “online”. It is a SaaS platform. You can download files using IDS™ products, but there is no software to download.
What level of knowledge do I need?
Basic background of using a mouse , drag & Drop, IDS™ can be easily learned. No special skillsets are required to be able to build a product. A basic spatial geometry will be an added advantage.
How can I know if these products are suitable for my needs?
We recommend you execute a small project using IDS™ helping you build the necessary confidence. This will allow you to define the product needs and compare it with existing time and accuracy needed for the project.
How can I download or install the products you offer?
Please note we can download any files generated using IDS™ but IDS™ platform is an online web platform and thus no particular software downloads are recommended.
Is there any specific requirement to be able to use the software you offer?
Yes, a pre-requisite of Chrome browser with a good access to internet and 64 MB RAM is recommended to be able to access IDS™.
What type of files can I upload to the platform for designing 3D structures?

· *.pdf

· *.csv

· *.dxf

· *.E3D model

Can I download designs in a format compatible with other modeling programs?
Only E3D models.
Does the platform allow for calculation and analysis of loads and forces on structures?
Yes. IDS™ piping & structural provide the ability for various loads and forces. Kindly refer to our product modules to be able to get more details.
What types of materials are available for designing structures?
Yes. IDS™ piping & structural provide the ability for wide range and access of database of materials.
In case any specific material is unavailable, IDS™ provides the ability to provide the user to upload the material as required for the specific project specifics.
How can I share my designs with other users or my team?
There is a seamless data transfer within IDS™ platform. multi-disciplinary data exchange happens seamless via the cloud. We also have the ability to download the exchanged files to be stored by clients between Piping & structural , which can then be manually exchanged between disciplines.
Does the platform have tutorials or guides for learning how to use all available functions?
We have a wide range of video tutorials ready for subscribers, easily accessible to help them work on the product by themselves. Self-will & motivation are the only key features as a pre-requisite.
Does the platform have real-time collaboration features for teamwork?
Absolutely. IDS™ wholly supports multi-disciplinary data exchange, avoiding manual data exchange. We can in real time allow disciplines to exchange data , 3D models and collaborative features impacting real-time engineering. It facilitates constant model upgrade.
Can I import and work with previously created designs from other platforms?
AT present, we have 3D models that can be exchanged with AVEVA E3D models. We can import and export E3D models with IDS™ 3D models.
What level of detail can be achieved in the designs and simulations of engineering structures?
We gladly welcome you to schedule a demo by clicking here.
Product payment
How much does it cost?
We refer you to click on the product pages allowing you to check the subscription costs for various products.
What payment methods do you accept?
We do allow credit cards and Bank transfers as the current payment systems.
How can I obtain an invoice for my purchase?
As soon as the subscription orders are registered an Online invoice will be immediately sent out to the requisite subscriber.
What is your refund policy?
We believe in providing quality. If we understand our customers and product users are not satisfied with the IDS™ product, we allow full 100% within 3 days of purchase and 85% within the first 10 days.
Can I make changes on my purchases?
Presently, any changes made have to be notified by sending us an email to support@asetslux.com.