We are a Young company formed on 2-October 2017. We are focused on building smart engineering products for the steel design Industry. We focus on providing Automation and Machine learning concepts to provide solutions for flare industry , steel frameworks , pipe racks , fired heaters and provide disruption by giving you quick design

The concept of digital oilfield and refinery has been in discussion since a long time. Now is the era of high end digital disruption, which will enable more co-creation with clients and there will be a rapid adoption of these digital tools.

There will better integration and a thirst to access information, much before the project has started.

"ASETS-LUX vision is to build products that help achieve and accelerate the design cycle by offering and integrated solution with improved options and accuracy."
"Our mission is to develop Single point Engineering solution that improves its Efficiency, Accuracy & Effectiveness in Design & Analysis , Minimise the gap between Design & actual order execution."
  • We focus on structural steel design for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and energy sectors.
  • We follow the principles of intelligent engineering.
  • Simplify and automate as much of engineering design and its development process as is practical.
  • Automation in area that aren’t looked as traditional opportunities for automation is a valuable and innovating experience.
  • The traditional role of an engineer is evolving further from its routine methods to usage of new disruptive role with help of technology.

The latest computer technology will allow real time rendering with better graphics and displays to enable better engagement with clients.

This will allow industry to design with clients in real time, with real time output, by placing the clients into simulation before they have even built it.

Clients can then move into faster acceptance and decision making which allows better alignment and knowledge sharing.

This catalyzing a shift in the role of an engineer away from traditional focus on technical excellence. Engineers also need capabilities involving technological know-how and integration.

Product Management & User Success

ASETS-LUX main goal is to be always aware of our customers’ demands and needs and make sure they are covered by our offerings. Based on that and taking new technological possibilities into account, we own, maintain, and develop the product vision at ASETS-LUX. We are a step ahead of just the simulation platform, where we are providing cloud services to entire product, modeled as per customer based requests, user Interface specially accustomed to customer requirement, very friendly easy to build model generation. The solver is able to perform linear and non linear calculations. Solver makes use of abaqus input format.

We have an intelligent integrated parametric based model generation capability that will reduce design time and focus on achieving economical solutions.
At present we are highly focused towards application of web based solutions including analysis, design and GA drawings for self supported flare, guy wire flare, fixed derricks, fired heaters, pipe racks, tanks, etc. The goal is to cater to every steel product to be able to deliver quicker simulations and designs.